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Bigfoot Entertainment's Within Screens at Strasbourg International Film Festival

Bigfoot Entertainment's chilling feature thriller Within recently screened at the Strasbourg International Film Festival (SiFF), a ten-day festival held August 28th through September 6th. The film received two Best Actress nominations for Mia Ford and Sammi Hanratty. Mia Ford attended the festival and participated in a post-screening Q&A session.

Featuring the works of new and emerging filmmakers, SiFF showcases creative, edgy, out-of-the-box and maverick filmmakers in all genres, including experimental and avant-garde as well as more traditional dramas, thrillers, romantic comedies, daring documentaries and animation. This year, SiFF is showing approximately 50 feature films and more than 150 shorts.

A supernatural thriller with strong casting, Within is a haunting look at understanding the difference between good and evil after death. With an overall budget of under $1 million and shot in just 20 days in Los Angeles, the story centers around Rachel, a sweet young girl with a troubled soul caused by a unique gift: She can see evil spirits within others. After witnessing the brutal killing of her mother, Rachel and her father seek a fresh start by moving to a small town. Rachel quickly warms to her new school teacher, and becomes "best friends" with classmate Michelle. When Michelle's penchant for schoolyard pranks turns from good-natured fun to something potentially deadly, Rachel suspects that her friend may be less than friendly. Rachel's visions could be the key to stopping a series of violent attacks against the town's children and unlocking the puzzle behind a grim murder.

"Each screening has been a pleasure both in experiencing the audience's reactions as they watch the film, and talking to them afterwards. Viewers connect with Rachel, and hope their daughters never end up in the same class as Michelle! We receive numerous compliments on the quality of the film, including the acting, look, soundtrack and special effects," said the film's director, Hanelle Culpepper. "People are stunned to know we shot this in only 20 days and that our budget was under one million. It's truly a testament to all the hard work the cast, crew and Bigfoot did. Everyone involved should be proud."

Both Within and Director Hanelle Culpepper were also highlights of the 10th Annual Hollywood Black Film Festival held earlier this summer.

About Bigfoot Entertainment, Inc.
Founded in 2004, Bigfoot Entertainment, Inc. is an international entertainment company producing independent films for the global marketplace. The company finances and develops feature films, documentaries and reality TV shows, many of which have received industry accolades, festival awards and have been released world-wide. Bigfoot Entertainment produces many of its projects at Bigfoot Studios, a wholly-owned subsidiary that encompasses six sound stages and on-site state-of-the-art post-production facilities.

Headquartered in Los Angeles with studios in Cebu, Philippines, Bigfoot Entertainment creates content reflecting a Hollywood foundation with a global perspective. For more information, visit www.bigfoot.com.

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