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Taking Fashion to the Extreme
Fashion One LLC's new reality series goes behind the scenes in the art of creating Fashion Films for designer Ika Boutoni

New York, September 19, 2013 – Fashion films; where fashion, music and entertainment collide. Designers like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Alexander Wang, and Alexander McQueen use fashion films to showcase their newest collections. Fashion One brings you Fashion Filmmakers, a reality series starring a team of amateur filmmakers in their first attempt to break into the fashion scene. Each episode will be more extreme than the previous. The team will battle wardrobe malfunctions, the environment, and most of all each other.

Meet film director Esther Theaker, personal stylist Revecka Kogan, talented set designer Hortense Calvez, professional make-up artist Nicola Johnson and international model Miriam. Five (5) talented women professionals with varied skill sets brought together to create fashion films inspired by the 5 Chinese elements (Earth, Fire, Wood, Water, Metal) for the renowned Hong Kong based Indonesian Designer, Ika Butoni. Six films, limited time frame, unfamiliar remote location, it's going to get extreme. "Five women all together, working under pressure - might get a little interesting. I know it's not gonna be my fault if things go wrong. I won't be the one causing the drama," assures Revecka Kogan.

"Fashion Films is now the latest creative trend in both the Fashion and entertainment industry," executive producer, Ashley Jordan acknowledges, "Fashion Filmmakers focuses on the creation of fashion films for internationally acclaimed clients to feature for the opening of their flagship stores. It's a race against the clock and the team must create engaging stories within the film, work together through extreme challenges, and deliver the fashion films on time."

At the end of each episode, viewers will get a chance to vote online if the fashion film created is professional or a flop. Voters will have the chance to win weekly prizes while a grand prize winner will receive a brand new Cannon 60D EOS Camera.

Will these young filmmakers prove themselves as real professionals in the fashion filmmaking scene? Let's find out.

Fashion Filmmakers premieres on September 25, 2013 and will be shown every Wednesday at 21:00 (for United Kingdom and South Africa CAT), and 22:00 (GMT+8 for Asia / GMT+2 for Africa and rest of Europe), exclusively on Fashion One LLC. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.

Fashion Filmmakers is a Fashion One LLC original programme. The show is created by executive producers Michael Gleissner and Ashley Jordan, with Cara Salmeri as producer. To learn more about Fashion Filmmakers, please visit www.fashionone.com/FF or post your comments on @fashion_one #FFilmmakers

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