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Eco Fashion returns for its 2nd season on World Earth Day, exclusively on Fashion One

New York, April 18, 2013 – From indigenous fabrics, to grass reed mats, cloth scraps, to hand made beads from dirt and discarded taxi upholstery, these are some of the materials used by our new set of designer brands featured on this 2nd season of Eco Fashion. Let us celebrate Earth Day this April with the return of this eco doc-series, exclusively on Fashion One LLC.

The second season of Eco Fashion features Rags2Riches from the Philippines, Keo KJay from Cambodia, Handsome Co. in Hong Kong, and designers from Germany, USA and South Africa. Take a glimpse into these designers' studios as they showcase their eco-friendly products from conception to completion. Not only are the materials and production process used sustainable, these products are made by the local people thus creating livelihood to the communities in the region.

"After we aired the first season, we were overwhelmed by the response we got from both the viewers and the industry, requesting more eco labels to be featured in the show," Fashion One CEO Ashley Jordan commented, "This series is not just about the brand or the product; it's about the people and the visionaries that create them."

Eco Fashion Season 2 will air on April 22, 2013 and will be shown every Monday at 9pm (UK), 8:30pm (South Africa) and 10:30pm (GMT+8 for Asia / GMT+2 for rest of Europe and Africa), exclusively on Fashion One LLC. Check your cable operators for your local TV channel listing.

Get to know more about Eco Fashion by going to www.fashionone.com/EcoFashion or follow Fashion One LLC on twitter @fashion_one #EcoFashion and "Like" us on Facebook www.facebook.com/fashionone.

Eco Fashion is the production of Bigfoot Entertainment for Fashion One LLC's original programming. The show is created by executive producers, Michael Gleissner and Ashley Jordan, with Cara Salmeri as producer.

Episodes include:

Rags2Riches - Philippines
From the Philippine capital of Manila, Rags2Riches is creating eco-ethical fashion and home accessories out of up cycled scrap cloth, organic materials and indigenous fabrics by working with over 800 artisans living in the poor communities across the country. Founder and current CEO, Reese Fernandez-Ruiz, partners with well-known influential fashion designers to create an integrated design solution providing additional skills-based, financial and health training for the local artisans so that they can maximize their career potential and take steps towards long-term financial and personal well-being.

Keo KJay - Cambodia
Keo K'jay, started by Rachel Faller, provides jobs for HIV positive women, who manufacture handmade clothing and accessories from recycled and sustainable materials. About 70% of the fabrics the brand use are recycled and about (25%) are locally and sustainably made. KeoK'jay has become a well-loved fashion brand inside and outside of Cambodia, known for its quirky sense of style, comfortable and versatile designs, and commitment to high environmental and social standards.

Handsome Co – Hong Kong
When Billy Potts walked down a familiar Kowloon street, he realized that the waste being generated by taxi garages had possibilities for a second life. Billy enlisted the help of Joseph Ng to design their first products: a line of bags and accessories made of discarded taxi upholstery. This is how Handsome Co. started. Handsome Co. employs local craftspeople, manufacturers, and NGOs to help ensure that valuable skills are not lost. The company believes that Hong Kong design has something to offer the world and intends to prove it.

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